Giving back to reach a net-zero future

The purpose of The Nexwell Foundation is to accelerate climate change solutions by funding initiatives that are projected to have a measurable impact on decarbonizing the planet, and to invest in activities that further Nexwell’s mission of atmospheric decarbonization.

Initiatives funding

Our Foundation is dedicated to serving the public good, not profit. Any revenue generated will be reinvested to further this mission. We provide direct grants and acquire ownership stakes in new technology companies, projects, and initiatives that align with our purpose of benefiting society.

The Foundation is funded by a profit-sharing participation in selected Nexwell investments.

Our funded initiatives

The initiatives we fund share several key imperatives:


They are early-stage ideas or technologies that lack sufficient private or government funding. We help launch these ideas by providing crucial seed funding.


They have the potential for exponential decarbonization impact if brought to scale. We target high-impact solutions.


We prefer to fund extremely early stage initiatives where our investment can have an outsized effect. This maximizes our funding impact.


Where possible, we structure funding to allow for our continued engagement, learning, impact over time and drive followers to a net-zero world.


Funded initiatives must measure and report ongoing decarbonization progress. This ensures accountability.


We evaluate proposals based on the importance of our funding, future carbon impact potential, and educational value.


We favor initiatives that can attract additional funding after our initial investment. This multiplies our impact.

Successful funded initiatives

We have successfully implemented four initiatives at learning centers: two initiatives to date with the Universidad Metropolitana, Caracas, Venezuela, and two at Ransom Everglades, in Miami Florida:

At Universidad Metropolitana, a Solar photovoltaic electricity generating project at the University’s main campus. Nexwell donated and further supported the University’s first solar photovoltaic project as proposed by its engineering school.

The 19.4 kWp solar array will complement the University’s sustainability goals, including self-supplying some critical energy needs. More importantly, this project will serve as a tool for students and faculty to learn the efficiencies that clean, renewable energy provides, while also avoiding carbon emissions.  
At Ransom Everglades, Nexwell made outsized donations to its first solar array spearheaded by Students for Solar: a 111kW solar array which went live in May of 2022, saving the school over $25,000 per year in electricity bills. The facility was integrated with a learning interface where students can see in real-time the impact it has had for their school and how it mitigates imported power from the production the solar array provides.

A second array for Ransom Everglades, totaling 66kW, was mostly sponsored by Nexwell, and will be added to the high school’s STEM building to feed into the same learning interface as the 111kW array. This second facility will serve as a tool for students and faculty to have hands-on experience and learning about the efficiencies that clean, renewable energy can provide, while avoiding carbon emissions.

These projects, both in Caracas and in Miami, become an opportunity for students and faculty to learn about and promote further renewable installations. With the ever-recurring graduating classes, the students gain the awareness and can become strong promoters for renewable energy, which will help support and accelerate future Climate Change solutions and will contribute to the Foundation’s key imperative number #4.